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3-day internship for senior students

1 d. the theoretical part – the history, development and influence of the brand on human behavior

Day 2-3 – practical task "Brand development and presentation", 2-3 people teams create a brand for their product, then present it in a short video.

Build your brand


During the 9 lessons we will create a drawing on the fabric using the batik technique:
At first we draw a sketch, later it is redrawn with a pencil on the fabric. The cotton fabric that we will be using is attached to the frame. We work according to the basic principle of batik decorating - the areas that we do not want to be painted are covered with wax. When finished, the fabric is removed from the frame, the wax is broken and soaked in the base dye. After removing the wax from the fabric, the work is complete.

Video lessons:

Batik – drawing in
hot wax


2 watercolor casting lessons:

At the beginning we will discuss the means of watercolor painting, the principles of color classification and mixing. We will compile a map of watercolor moods, choose a theme and paint music and thought études

Video lessons:

Thought casting

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