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I'm Gintare Stokonyte – a creator, advertising specialist, artist and an active participator in my community, who devotes a lot of time to volunteering and initiating new social projects and educational programs.

I believe that everyone has the power of creation

I think it is finally time to legitimize what I have been doing for many years – I have organized over a few hundred educations: watercolor casting, batik, branding lessons. The audience is very diverse – from kindergarteners to high school students.


I do this because I am deeply convinced that every child is a creator and has great power to create only, the right key is needed to unlock it.
I am committed to this mission – to unlock the creative powers in each child. I know that the greatest innovation is creativity because it increases emotional intelligence, provokes thinking, reveals your personality.

I invite you to contribute to my initiative and create together

I invite everyone willing to share their knowledge and ideas and to join my initiative to create together.

the power to create

Everyone has

only the right key is needed to unlock it

Creativity provokes

the use of complex thinking skills

Thinking […] is not divided into social and mathematical.
It's much simpler: our brain server is either trained to handle
complex tasks or not. "


shapes and reveals your personality

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